Schmidt's Honey comes from his Colorado bees that are throughout El Paso County.  He has over 600 colonies of the little fellows working for him.  Frank and his bees have a good arrangement.  They make the Honey and he sells it for them...

 Colorado Honey  

Schmidt Apiaries

Better for you than table sugar 

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Memorial Park

Farmers' Market 

Old Colorado City

Farmers' Market

Schmidt's Honey House

      Frank, and Cindy & Rick

 Ready to meet all of your Honey needs...

West Colorado Ave. and 24th Street

Colorado Springs, Colorado

SATURDAY'S   7 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

June 7 through October 25, 2014

NO MARKET on 27 Sep 2014

4802 Gatewood Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80916
(719) 574-1283

Pikes Peak & Union Streets

Colorado Springs, Colorado

THURSDAY'S   7 a.m. - 1 p.m.

June 19 through October 2, 2014


Pure Gold Colorado Honey 

We are a  Colorado  Proud  company 

Better for you. Better for Colorado.  Look for the Colorado Proud logo at grocery stores, farmers' markets, garden centers, and restaurants.  By buying locally grown, raised and produced food and agriculture products, you are receiving high quality fresh products and helping Colorado's economy, local  farmers, ranchers, beekeepers, greenhouses, manufactures, and processors in your area.  Thank you for your patronage.  See you at the Farmers Market...                                                                           

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     2014 Territory days

         Old Colorado City

We will be at this years annual Territory Days FREE event.  It will be held over the Memorial Day weekend from the 24-26 of May.  Look for our Honey Booth on Colorado Avenue between 23rd and 27th streets.  Our booth will be next to Author, Allen Berberick's book signing booth. He'll be signing his NEW action thriller, SOVEREIGN SOIL, civil war is forced again.  The event hours are form 10:00 am - 7:00 pm.  Come out and have a lot of fun and taste our golden Colorado honey.  We make the best honey in El Paso County.  See ya there...